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Happy Friday, Lovelies! Are you excited for the weekend ahead? I definitely am! The much-anticipated Starving Artist Party is this Saturday (tickets are still available if you want to join the fun!), and Sunday has me getting on a plane to British Columbia, Canada for a week-long meditation retreat in the mountains of Whistler! I’ll be meditating & learning with like-minded spirits…all led by Deepak Chopra. I know I don’t normally share this side of my life here on the blog, but if you’ve ever been curious about meditation, you should give it a shot. It’s a life changing habit and Deepak Chopra is one of the true masters out there!

I’ll be using this upcoming week as a “digital detox” of sorts as well…so I’ll be taking a break from blogging for the week. Don’t miss me too much, k?! I’ll still be instagramming though (can’t quit that one), so follow my journey here if you’d like!

Have a wonderful week and a happy 4th of July!!


Beautiful Bondi

Bondi-4 bondi2-3 bondi3-1 bondi4-2 Bondi6-6 bondi7-7 Magical Bondi Beach IMG_0095-8

{Dress – Flannel, sold out. Vest – Flannel. Sandals – Saint Laurent. Bag – Celine. Sunglasses – Nordstrom.}

There’s so much wild beauty in this scenery, it’s hard to explain with words. Alison and I took a break from the madness of Australia Fashion Week for the afternoon and walked from Bronte to Bondi Beach. The dramatic sandstone cliffs, carved over the centuries by the power of the ocean, provided a perfect backdrop for a few photos. If you’re ever in Sydney, this walk is an absolute must! And once you arrive in Bodi, tuck into one of the many cafes/restaurants for a sunset cocktail.

Being back in Chicago now, I already miss this place…and can’t wait to return.

Have a great weekend, Lovelies!


Off to Aussieland we go…..

Off to Australia!

I can’t contain my excitement any longer! As we speak, I’m on a (looooong) flight to Australia for Fashion Week in Sydney! Yay! I’ve been a huge fan of Australian fashion for years, so this trip is a dream come true. My friend Alison is coming along, and we’ll be attending as many shows as we can fit into our crazy schedules…along with local shopping, eating, and general fun-having in one of the world’s most stunning cities.

I’ll be updating you guys on what’s happening on the Sydney Runways as often as I can! ¬†Also, keep checking my Instagram for all of our shenanigans.


Africa Adventures {Part 2}

Africa Adventures by Miss Renaissance IMG_6503-8-17 IMG_0947-7-16 IMG_0904-6-15 IMG_0575-5-10 IMG_0543-4-9 IMG_0238-4 IMG_0196-2-3 African Adventures by Miss Renaissance The Africa memories continue. And no, you’re not hallucinating….that’s me touching a real 9-month-old lioness in the first picture!! I had the chance to visit Zambia’s ALERT Lion Conservation Program, where young lions are safely raised & eventually released into the wild to add to Africa’s dangerously low Lion population. It was a truly unreal, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Oh, and how adorable is the tiny Baby Baboon??!! I could have watched him/her play with the mother all day!


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}

Africa Adventures {Part 1}

IMG_0866-14 IMG_0756-13 IMG_0634-12 IMG_0355-5 IMG_0378-3-7 IMG_0503-8 IMG_0598-11 Africa Adventures

Hello, hello Lovelies! Sorry for my lack of posting yesterday…I’ve been having some Internet difficulties around here (it’s crazy how a little lack of technology can truly derail things these days!)

I’ve finally had time to start editing my many Africa shots (I took most with my Canon 5D Mark 2, but some are impromptu iPhone pictures!) There are so many pictures to get through, but I wanted to give you a little sneak peek as I go along. Words can’t describe the beauty that is Africa and its Wildlife! As you can see, my Mom and I saw so many different animals…it’s mind-blowing. Botswana & Zambia and its people were an unforgettable experience. We were so lucky to get to witness the animals interacting and just going about their days in their natural habitat…if you’ve ever considered or daydreamed about a trip to Africa, do it – as soon as possible!!!


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}

On the Move…

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

{Just a relaxed & girly outfit I threw on for a day of outdoor shopping while in Los Angeles the other week! Dress – Eryn Brinie , Shoes – Alexander Wang (last Season, similar here), Sunglasses – Miu Miu, Earrings – Chanel (vintage, similar here.)}

Happy Monday, Lovelies! I’m fresh off the plane from Alt Summit & I can tell you with 100% certainty – GO! If you get the chance, it’s a must for all the bloggers/wanna-be-bloggers/design aficcionados/creatives out there. Not only did I have an absolute blast hanging out & meeting so many great people, I also learned a lot….about me, what I want from a creative life, how I want to grow my blog, and how to feel positive & strong about throwing my ideas & inspirations up on the web every day. If you follow my Instagram feed, you saw first hand how fun and inspiring these past few days have been, right?! It’s so nice to feel inspired and encouraged this early in the year. It puts me in a positive spot for the next 11 months to come.

On another note, just as I’m unpacking my bags from Alt Summit, I’m already re-packing them for another epic trip! I’m heading to Europe tomorrow & then on to Africa for a Safari adventure with my Mom. We’ll be exploring Botswana & Zambia for a few weeks! I’m packing all of my camera gear (tons of lenses to carry!), so hopefully the animal & landscape photography opportunities will be as amazing as I imagine them to be. I can’t wait to spy on Lions, Cheetahs, Elephants, Giraffes etc.!! The temps will hover around 90, so the Summer clothes are coming back out! There won’t be any way to regularly access the internet in Africa, so I’ll be taking a vacay from Miss Renaissance for just about 2.5 weeks – I hope you all understand. Sometimes, it’s just best to unplug and enjoy the experience without any thoughts of technology or true civilization, right?

Anyhoo, stay tuned for the last post in a few weeks coming at you tomorrow! (Hint: It’s a yummy Valentine’s Day Treat!)


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