It’s DIY Time {Next Level Succulent Pots!}

DIY Gold-Leafed Succulent Pots by Miss Renaissance

{This is all you need! Spray paint is easiest, but any type of acrylic paint will do.}


{Once painted, let your pots dry completely before applying the Gold leaf.}


{Apply washi tape (or painters tape) to section off the area you’d like to Gold Leaf. Then apply a thin layer of glue so the Gold Leaf can stick.}

DIY Gold-Leafed Succulent Pots by Miss Renaissance

{Voila! Once you’re done Gold Leafing the shapes you dreamt up, you’ll be ready to plant your succulents.}


{What do you think? So much prettier than the lame old clay pots, right?}


{If you plan to keep your pots inside, you’re done! If you plan to display them outside, make sure you spray the pots with a clear sealant first to weather proof!}


It’s Spring…and Spring makes me think of pretty plants…and pretty plants, naturally, make me think of dope DIYs! You follow me? Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, back to DIY-ing. I’ve been looking forward to sprucing up my plain clay pots for a while now, and this past weekend the weather was nice enough to venture outside for a little spray painting. I went to my local garden shop and purchased a few adorable succulents/cacti (easy to take care of – I’m no green thumb by any means!) and got to work! I’m really happy with how they turned out, what do you think?!


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}

Denim, Ombre, 80’s Revival {It’s DIY Time}

Ohhhh…the Denim Vest. Icon of the 80’s. Painful Middle School Flashbacks. All that aside, I have to say – I’m ready to rock it, I’m ready to bring it back and make it a personal Spring/Summer Staple! Paired with a flowy maxi skirt and a luxe pair of flats, this vest will be almost covetable. I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect little (affordable) Denim Vest for several weeks now, and nothing popped up. So, I thought – why not make my own? I love DIY projects, and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. A quick trip to Zara for a simple denim jacket (on sale – score!), and the craft store for some fun pastel studs (they’re officially called “Brads” – how odd!) and a serious “Hole Poker” = Voila –  Denim Vest Nirvana! I hope you’re feeling at least a little inspired…what’s on your Spring DIY agenda??


{All Photos by Miss Renaissance.}

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