Weekly Color Inspiration {Pools, Lakes, Parks…}

Green-Blue Essie Manicure by Miss Renaissance

{Lime green – Essie the more the merrier. ¬†Teal – Essie Naughty nautical. Blue – Essie Bouncer, it’s me!}

Pools, Lakes, Picnics in Parks, the Beach…that’s what Summer’s made for! It looks like Essie got the hint, because all three of these fun colors are from the latest collections. I used them to create a loose ombre mix….and I like the result! It’s a perfect Summer mani, right?


Weekly Color Inspiration {It’s never too late!}

Valentine's Manicure by Miss Renaissance

{Lightest Pink – Essie Need a Vacation. Bright Pink – Essie Bachelorette Bash. Red – Essie Jelly Apple.}

Guess what….I’m BAAAACK!!!

My trip to Africa was amazing! I can’t wait to show you some pictures (after I go through all 1200+ of them!) It was truly refreshing to get away from it all and just enjoy nature & its incredible wildlife. Being in the African bush, away from technology & the craziness of city life really helped me recharge and be thankful for everything that I have. I’m ready to take 2013 by storm!!

Since I missed Valentine’s Day – I was somewhere deep in the Okavango Delta of Botswana at the time – I couldn’t resist getting a belated Valentine’s manicure once I got back to Chicago. Ombre shades of pink & red seemed just perfect for the occasion, right?


It’s DIY Time {Ombre Candles}

Miss Renaissance

{Get all of your tools ready before you start your candle-making adventure! I used this candle-making kit. P.S. the glitter was not used in this project, although you could most definitely add a sprinkling of glitter to the tops of your candles while they’re almost dry!}

Miss Renaissance

{In a double boiler, melt the wax to 185 degrees F. Take off the stove, add your desired amount of color/scent, and let the wax cool to 125 degrees F…}

Miss Renaissance

{…then pour the wax into your candle containers (vintage tea cups in my case). Make sure to fill them¬†all the way to the top, the candles will be extra pretty that way!}

Miss Renaissance

{Wait 5 minutes, then insert the wicks into your candle while the wax is still liquid.}

Miss Renaissance

{If necessary, place a wooden stick/toothpick on the rim of your candle to hold the wick in place & keep it centered. Remove the stick/toothpick after a few minutes (before the wax starts to dry) to avoid leaving a mark in the wax!}

Miss Renaissance

{Voila! After about 1-2 hours of drying, your candles will be ready to use.}

Miss Renaissance

{To create the perfect Ombre Effect, heat several batches of wax with different amounts of dye in each batch. In my case, I heated & poured 5 separate batches of wax. I added 7 drops of red/pink dye to my 1st batch of wax, 5 drops to the 2nd, 3 drops to the 3rd, 1 drop to the 4th, and no dye to the 5th.}

Miss Renaissance

{This candle adds a perfect touch of vintage & girly whimsy to my coffee table!}


Who’s ready for a fun DIY just in time for the Holidays?! I’ve seen this type of DIY floating around the internet in a few different variations, and have been dying to put my own spin on it.

On a recent Flea Market outing I came across this adorable set of vintage tea cups. The intricate pattern & gold accents drew me in immediately (and so did the low price tag!) I knew I probably wouldn’t use the cups for actual tea-drinking….which meant the perfect time for attempting my Ombre Candle DIY had arrived. I bought a soy candle starter kit online (your local craft store might have these kits as well), and as you can see, the project was a success! Candle-making is pretty simple, as long as you work carefully and follow instructions.

These cuties will make great little Holiday gifts for friends & loved ones. They smell delicious, (I chose a scent combo of orange & Holiday spruce, but vanilla or a floral scent would be nice, too) and look unexpected & glam on a coffee table or lined up as a center piece for a dinner party. If you don’t have vintage cups on hand, you could use mason jars, simple glass votive holders, or even old jam jars for this. The possibilities really are endless.

I hope you give it a try…homemade gifts (even if they’re just for yourself) are always special!


{All Photos by Miss Renaissance.}

Color Inspiration {Ombre Blues}

Miss Renaissance weekly Color Inspiration

{Lightest Blue – Essie Borrowed & Blue, Medium Blue – OPI No Room for the Blues, Darkest Blue – Essie Mesmerize.}

Ombre, Blue…two of my absolute favorite things – all in one manicure! As you can clearly tell, I’m in love with this week’s color inspiration. This mani would look really nice while laying out by a pool this weekend, right? (Now I just have to find a pool!)


DIY {Get Clippy}

Hello Lovelies! The weekend is practically upon us – Hooray!! But before I send you into the next few days of relaxation, possible festivities, and fun, it’s time for a little DIY. The Internet has been abuzz with Neon-Colored Jewelry DIYs as of late. And while I enjoy the trend, I am finding myself growing a tiny bit bored with Neon (I know, ALREADY!?) – sorry, I had to be honest.

Sooo…why not continue to go full force with another fun trend I’ve been loving?! Ombreeee. I found these adorable bow-shaped vintage shoe clips at last week’s Randolph Street Antique Market (for a whopping $6) and immediately had this fun idea. You can use all sorts of old/antique crystal jewelry for this project – brooches, pins, necklaces, rings, bracelets – whatever strikes your fancy. Enjoy!

{Here’s all you’ll need – your jewelry piece of choice, and an ombre-hued lineup of nail polishes. The Clear top coat isn’t completely necessary, but a thin coat of it will help seal the colors at the end.}

{Here I am in action – taking a picture of yourself while painting tiny crystal studs is not as easy as it may seem.}

{After a few thin coats, and about 30 minutes of drying time – here they are! These colors just make me smile and think of Summer (even though it’s currently snowing here in Chicago.)}

{And Voila! Here they are, beautifully sprucing up a pair of old (and slightly tired) Repetto Ballerina Flats.}


{All Pictures by Miss Renaissance.}

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