Weekly Color Inspiration {Super Blingy}

Astrowifey's super bling manicure

This past weekend I attended a little party at one of my favorite Chicago Boutiques – Space 519….and as luck may have it, my babe Astrowifey was there giving super fun manicures using Jin Soon’s newest colors. I told her to go as creative as she wanted, and she majorly blinged me out with glitter, stripes and rose gold studs. Whatcha think?

The Jin Soon colors are beautiful and sophisticated, if you haven’t yet, you should check them out!


Weekly Color Inspiration {Like a fine Wine}

Miss Renaissance

{On all fingers (except index fingers) – Deborah Lippmann “Dark Side of the Moon”. On index fingers – Deborah Lippmann ” Since I fell for You”.}

What’s your red wine of choice? A deep, spicy ┬áZinfandel perhaps? Or are you more into a lighter, fruit-forward Pinot Noir? Whatever your choice, there’s always a perfectly matched color to go along with it. Odd that I think of nail polish while discussing wine?! Yeah, totally maybe…but then again, I’m obsessed with color, in any shape and form. So…with that in mind, I give you this week’s manicure. Let’s call it “Battle of the Reds.”


Design Spotlight {Kester Black}

Miss Renaissance Nail Polish

Miss Renaissance Color Inspiration

Miss Renaissance Kester Black

Miss Renaissance

Pardon me for interrupting regular programming this week. As I continue to observe how my first Shellac Mani holds up for another week (—>; it’s not chipping, color is still great, but to be honest I’m getting a little sick of it), I’d like to share a very very cool company & its super dope products with you! Say hi to Kester Black, an Australian Jewelry company that has now also delved into the nail polish market. I know I say it all the time….but how cool are all of these Aussies, right!?? The colors are rich & on trend, and the simple and graphic bottle design is lovely. I really need to get my hands on these colors (pun intended)- the three shades above are my favorites. How amazingly saturated and BOOM is that purple shade!? Love it.

A big thank you to my friends at Kenedik Design Studio for introducing me to this awesome company!


{Images via KesterBlack.com.}

Weekly Color Inspiration {Teal & Gold}

{Essie’s Trophy Wife on all fingers, except index fingers. Butter London’s West End Wonderland on index fingers.}

Hello from sunny Los Angeles, my Lovelies! I closely escaped yesterday’s Chicago Blizzard – and boy am I glad I did!! I’m back in LA for a wedding as well as some Blogging Adventures.

For this week’s color inspiration I chose to go with a deep metallic Teal and a shimmery Gold. Not only is this one of my favorite color combinations, it also happens to go perfectly with my planned outfit for Saturday’s wedding. I’ll be wearing a Teal/Gray/Blue Velvet Dress by Kelly Wearstler and Gold Stappy Wedges (and NO tights, yay!) Below is an Instagram picture of my planned outfit (sorry about the pic quality – I took it with my iPhone a few days ago.)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend wherever you are! And if you’re back in Chicago, please build a snowman and go sledding for me?!


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