Currently Baking {Nutella & Lemon Glazed Doughnuts}

Nutella Donuts by Miss Renaissance IMG_1610-3 IMG_1611-4 IMG_1615-5 IMG_1618-6 IMG_1623-8 IMG_1626-9 IMG_1640-11

Homemade Donuts by Miss Renaissance

Doughnuts are hot, HOT right now. And don’t even get me started on the new Cronut mania!! However, when all is said and done, nothing tastes better than a deliciously warm & fresh homemade doughnut (especially when Nutella is involved!)- in my humble opinion at least. These doughnuts are perfect – they do require a bit of work and patience, but trust me – you won’t be able to stop eating them (I ate 5 in one sitting here!!) Make these babies on a lazy Sunday morning for brunch…you’ll definitely find yourself in a cozy, food-coma induced nap situation soon thereafter.


{All images by Miss Renaissance)

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