Design Spotlight {Bloomsberry Chocolate}

Bloomsberry Chocolate

Bloomsberry Chocolate

Bloomsberry Chocolate

Bloomsberry Chocolate

Bloomsberry Chocolate

Bloomsberry Chocolate

Ok, how hilariously amazing is the package design by New Zealand’s¬†Bloomsberry Chocolate!? I recently came across this brand and love the cheeky commentary they use…I mean, who doesn’t need a bar of “Emergency Chocolate” pretty much every day every now and then, right?!


{Images via Bloomsberry’s Facebook.}

Weekend Rewind {Via Instagram}

Hello, Lovelies! I hope your weekend was fun-filled, relaxing, and productive (or lazy, if that’s more your speed.)

I had an action-packed weekend…lots of fun events & good times with friends! Below are a few tidbits via my current Instagram Addiction.


{My friend Rada and I began our weekend a bit early with a fun Mad-Men Themed Cocktail event sponsored by Chicago’s Thursday Therapy.}

{MODA Chicago hosted their amazing annual Fashion Show at Union Station on Friday.}

{Chicago’s Union Station at Night…}

{On Saturday, West Elm teamed up with some great local Etsy sellers to create the “We Heart Handmade” Bazaar.}

{Super fun Cards & Posters by Chicago’s Steel Petal Press.}

{My favorite local Etsy Seller – Silly Buddy – makes these hilarious doggie Collar/Bowtie hybrids! I got a colorful one for my dog Fritz…as you can see, he’s the perfect model.}

{A little Saturday afternoon flower shopping at one of my favorite florists – A New Leaf – Peonies are the best!!}

{Saturday night was a very special evening. The annual “For The Love of Chocolate Gala” (hosted by The French Pastry School – my Alma) was an incredible event! Hundreds of black tie clad guests sipped bubbly, indulged in endless dessert options, danced, and mingled. Here I am with Gina and Christen…two of my chicas from Lovely Bakeshop.}

{Lovely Bakeshop’s chocolate-dipped & gold-dusted coconut Macaroons were an absolute hit.}

{Master Chef Rick Bayless was in attendance. Here he is explaining his dessert course.}

{Chef Bayless’ decadent dessert…Oaxacan Chocolate Cake, served with a sweet rendition of Tamale, Avocado Cream, and a Spicy Chili-Chocolate Glaze.}

Sometimes All We Need Is A Little {Chocolate}

Ok, so I’m a complete Chocolate Fanatic!! Have always been….will always be! Over the years, my taste for Chocolate has grown from loving anything and everything that even remotely looked/tasted like Chocolate, to becoming a Chocolate Snob of sorts. These days, I tend to crave a more refined, dark & deeply flavored Chocolate. On most days a square or two of Dark Chocolate from one of my favorite brands (Green & Black’s, for example) is enough to tide me over until the next day. Sometimes (ok, fine – OFTEN) though, I feel the urge to indulge and have a truly refined Chocolate Dessert. In this case, nothing satisfies me more than a perfectly¬† rich Dark Chocolate Tart – preferably with a nice layer of Caramel Glaze on top! There, I said it.

The Tart pictured above has the perfect ratio of crust/filling/glaze. Using edible Gold Leaf to decorate this tart is a very simple way to glam it up. I like baking these in small, individual tart forms rather than making one big tart, but either way is divine.

Recipe for the Crust & Filling Here, and for the Caramel Glaze Here.

Have fun with your Chocolate!


{Photo by Miss Renaissance.}

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