Biz Spotlight {Boutique Bites}

{Elaina in her bright & airy Chicago office.}

Miss renaissance

{Beautifully assembled Boutique Bites Desserts…ready for a Party!}

{Need some creative Petit Fours for your event? Elaina & her team can customize everything.}

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Elaina Vazquez, the talented Chef/Owner behind Chicago’s Boutique Bites Catering. I have admired Elaina’s business from afar for a while now (she started BB in 2008), and I was super excited to dig in a little and ask her some questions.

Not only is Elaina a talented chef with an impressive list of fine dining experience, she is also a beautiful & fashionable woman with major drive and a fun personality. It’s so refreshing to see young & driven women who love food and have the courage to open winning businesses!

So,without further ado, here’s the Miss Renaissance – meets – Boutique Bites Interview:

Miss R: Elaina, what gave you the inspiration to take a risk and open Boutique Bites back in 2008?

Elaina: The idea to have my own business was always sleeping inside of me. I was working hard, long hours at being a fine dining chef in Las Vegas when I decided to make the move back to Chicago (where I’m originally from) and start Boutique Bites.

Miss R: Well, it looks like you’re doing really well! How did the name “Boutique Bites” come about?

Elaina: I immediately decided on Boutique Bites because it conveys the feeling of individual attention and intimacy. Our specialty is multi-course & fine-dining inspired amuse bouches, appetizers, and small bite main courses that are creatively presented.

Miss R: If your wildest dreams could come true, what would be your current dream catering job?

Elaina: I’d love to cater an awesome wedding or event in the Hamptons. I’m somehow obsessed with the Hamptons even though I’ve never been.

Miss R: Oh, the Hamptons! A beautiful place, and so fashionable! How would you describe your personal style?

Elaina: I’d say it’s classic with a feminine & glam twist.

Miss R: Nice! With that in mind, what kind of dish do you think would be inspired by your personal style?

Elaina: A really delicious simple pasta with truffles & a poached egg. Caviar and champagne don’t hurt either 😉

Miss R: YUM! That’s definitely classic with lots of glam! So, being a dessert-obsessed person, I have to ask: what is your favorite dessert to make/eat?

Elaina: Blackberry cobbler or homemade donuts/beignets. We made mixed berry cobler parfaits for a dinner party last night and I just absolutely love them!

Thank you, Elaina for letting me sneak a peek into your lovely world!

If you are in the Chicago area and are looking for a fabulous caterer for a chic event…seriously, look no further than Boutique Bites (and NO, I’m not being paid for saying this.)


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