Weekly Color Inspiration {Super Blingy}

Astrowifey's super bling manicure

This past weekend I attended a little party at one of my favorite Chicago Boutiques – Space 519….and as luck may have it, my babe Astrowifey was there giving super fun manicures using Jin Soon’s newest colors. I told her to go as creative as she wanted, and she majorly blinged me out with glitter, stripes and rose gold studs. Whatcha think?

The Jin Soon colors are beautiful and sophisticated, if you haven’t yet, you should check them out!


Take 5 for Beauty {Manicure Edition}

Astrowifey's Take 5 for Beauty

This week’s special “Take 5” features my favorite nail artist Ashley – aka Astrowifey! She is an incredibly talented woman…her skills are truly amazing. She can transform nails into individual works of art on demand. Here are her favorite nail products (get your credit cards ready – you’ll want to take her advice and add a few of these products to your nail drawer!)

In Ashley’s words:

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover & Nail Prep Zoya Remover Plus is the only nail polish remover I turn to! It removes just about any color in a heartbeat, while still managing to be gentle on the nail, and even offering nourishing properties with its formula. It also preps your nail plate for polish so that your polish lasts longer. If a client has dry cuticles that are cracking from the winter months, this is the remover that is gentle enough for them to handle comfortably.

Floss Gloss lacquer in “Stun” Photos just don’t do this lacquer justice. Stun by Floss Gloss is literally the best glitter polish I have ever tried. Just two coats and your fingertips will be blinging just like the bottle. There are tiny pieces of holographic glitter pieces in the lacquer, which catch the light for noticeable nails. If I want quick nail art, I will polish my nails with any base color and create an ombrè effect by polishing just a little bit at the tips, and then going back for a second coat more toward the nail tip to cause a gradual glitter look. If you’re a nail art novice, you can ditch the ombrè and use a fine paint brush to create half moons or trace the cuticle line with this glitter for a quick nail look.

CND Solar Oil Solar Oil is amazing! In winter months (and all year round for that matter) your nails need some extra love, and Solar Oil nourishes dry cuticles with ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamin E. This oil is dubbed the “manicure in a bottle” because if you don’t have time to polish nails, just give them a quick buff and rub on Solar Oil and you are good to go. They come in mini bottles as well, which are perfect for your purse. I recommend leaving a small bottle next to your bed so you will remember to apply on a daily basis for strong and nourished nails.

OPI Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops These are my life savers! I cannot even explain how many times on photo shoots or at events I used these drying drops. These drops dry polish to the touch in just 60 seconds, and completely in 5 minutes! If you are running out the door with wet fingertips then these are a necessity. The drops also have jojoba oil and Vitamin E so it also nourishes while drying.

NCLA’s Nail Wraps If you are in a hurry for a event or meeting and have not had time to get a fresh manicure, make sure you put your best fingertip foreword with these nail wraps by NCLA. Remove any traces of chipped polish with Zoya’s Remover Plus, apply some CND Soil Oil on your cuticles, prep the nail with a swipe of Remover Plus again to remove traces of oil on the nail plate, and stick on these nail wraps to have an impressive manicure in under 5 minutes. Nails are a fun conversation piece and these wraps come in a large range of styles that will impress just about anyone.”

Thank you so much for letting us in on your professional secrets to fab nails, Ashley!!


Weekly Color Inspiration {Crafty Reminiscing}

Cross Stitch Mani

Cross Stitch Wall Art Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 1.49.14 AM

Cross Stitch Furniture by Charlotte Lancelot

Cross Stitch Furniture by Charlotte Lancelot

We all know by now that I’m huge into crafts….all crafts, even the old-fashioned types. Well, one rather “traditional” crafty craft is currently having a renaissance of sorts (pun totally intended here), yay for Cross Stitching!! Who remembers their older female relatives cross-stitching cheesy patterns for hours on end?!

I love the modern take on the old trend that’s popping up in the arts & crafts community, so I asked my nail guru Astrowifey to re-create an abstract cross stitch pattern on my nails this week (click my mani image for a closer look.) She used a regular nail polish as the base (Essie Smoking Hot), and different acrylic shades for the pattern. I love the result, it’s modern, whimsical, and gives a nod to old traditions. What do you think about the trend?


{Images via here, here & here.}

Weekly Color Inspiration {Emerald Glitz}

Emerald Glitz Manicure by Astrowifey

{Bottom layer on all fingers – Ginger & Liz New Money. Top layer on all fingers – China Glaze Watermelon Rind. Silver metallic nail tape on all fingers here.}

Emerald – deep, dark, full of mystery. It’s not only Pantone’s official color of 2013, it’s also a sexy shade of green that I have used way too little of in my life. After several weeks of traveling, I finally reunited with nail artist extraordinaire Astrowifey the other day. I told her about the lack of Emerald in my life & within half an hour she had created this beautiful manicure. Her use of metallic nail tape makes the look a little more special & edgy. I’m already scheming my next Astrowifey visit…are there any cool nail/mani designs you’ve been dying to see or try out?


Weekly Color Inspiration {Floral Tapestry Magic}

Floral Tapestry Manicure by Astrowifey

Miss Renaissance's Floral Tapestry Manicure, by Astrowifey

When I visited Astrowifey this week, I brought along one of my favorite blouses (last seen here). I challenged her to re-create the floral pattern on my nails – and she absolutely nailed it (pun totally intended here)!! Click on the pictures for a closer look at the intricate little pieces of art.

Thank you, Astrowifey for continually creating beautiful nail art & for always blowing my mind!


Weekly Color Inspiration {Holiday “Boom”}

Miss Renaissance Manicure

{Bordeaux Color – Essie Bold & Beautiful. Blush Color – Essie South of the Hi’way. Use any gold glitter color to add the details!}

This week is all about another one of Astrowifey’s beautiful nail creations. I had a special Video Shoot scheduled for earlier this week (details very soon, promise!), so I asked for a fun, baroque-ish, Holiday-friendly, and glitter-infused mani.

The result is stunning (click on the picture twice to get a closer look)! I love the bordeaux & blush color combo, and the glitter & touch of gold jewels add the extra “Boom”!! How are you planning to pump up the volume on your mani for the Holidays?


Weekly Color Inspiration {Graphic Neon}

Miss Renaissance

{On all fingers – RGB Stone, Neon accents – China Glaze Celtic Sun, Gold glitter accents – Butter London West End Wonderland.}

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends, family, good food and some time to relax. I’m still stuck in a bit of a food coma this morning thanks to a fantastically huge dinner last night!!

Remember my talented new friend Astrowifey? I visited her for another manicure the other day and her creative & immaculate work still blows my mind. I came to her with a few ideas of what I wanted, and she managed to combine them and make my manicure modern, funky, geometric (which I love right now), glittery (which I love even more) and fun! I smile every time I look at my nails these days.


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