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    • absolutely love your site! enjoy your safari – how exotic and wonderful – take plenty pictures and notes. want to hear everything i know you will look fabulous sitting on the hump of that camel

  1. Hello there! I am new to Chicago and I must say your blog is so inspiring! I have a style blog as well, but no personal photos for lack of a great camera and neophyte photography experience! I’d love any advice on the city (especially the shopping! I’m sure the best stuff is off the dusty trail known as Michigan Ave. πŸ™‚ ) and on blogging and taking photos. Maybe we can talk! Again, so inspirational. Keep it coming, lovely!

    • Hi Ashley! Thank you for reading and welcome to Chicago. I hope you’re keeping warm in all of the recent snow! I’ll be happy to give some shopping advice….it’s one of my favorite hobbies. Just shoot me an Email and we’ll chat. xx

  2. i found your blog yesterday and i’m thrilled! i love everything about it, and i adore your weekly color inspirations! I WANT MORE!

  3. Hello my old FSU friend. What about traveling to Six Flags Great America, getting one of their delightful cuisines? πŸ™‚ Also, I hope you remember the exquisite dishes from Peoria, IL. I’m proud of everything you’ve done! Talk to you soon!

    Your Old Friend,


  4. Hello, I like very much your blog and the layout of photos and texts. Could you say to me which program you use? Thank you

  5. Morning!! Hi, Elaine here, owner of a small vintage rental company called Shadowbox dreams!!! I love following your blog and thought of a great idea to perhaps collaborate with each other! I’d luv for you to utilize any of my props for your postings- I have desks, vintage sofas, ice cream salon tables, buffet, steamer trunks, etc…. Contact me and lets do network with each other..

    Thanks Elaine

  6. Hi, I love your blog. What shade are your Oliver People’s glasses? Black or Morel? I am thinking about getting the same ones! Thank you!

  7. Hi Eva,

    I came across your blog by chance, but I have already become a fan of your style and photography. I’m a little sad that it seems you no longer update it…or at least from what I can find πŸ™‚

    I was wondering if you ever sell your items from past seasons. I noticed that you had a Zara fringed leather skirt that you wore in one of your posts, as well as a Zara longer leopard print jacket (down to the knee?). Could you please let me know if you would consider selling both/either, and if so what the size & asking price might be?

    Many thanks!

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