The Weekend Rewind

BDay Fun

BDay Fun

{A fun Birthday dinner at Nellcote with some of my best Ladies!}

Desk Details

{A few favorite details on my desk…styled for a home tour photo shoot with The Everygirl (coming soon!)}

Disco Kicks

{Disco-glitter oxfords by Anniel for Sunday’s Birthday Brunch!}

Tres Awesome

{Thank you to Tres Awesome for featuring me on her fab Street Style Blog this weekend!}

BDay Flowers

{I love flowers – especially when they are a beautiful Birthday surprise!}

Make a Wish

{Making a wish at the end of the night…here’s to another awesome year ahead!!}

Hello, hello Lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful long weekend! I apologize for my absence the last few days. Let’s just blame my Birthday, combined with the long Holiday Weekend, shall we?!

I had a great time the past few days. Spring is in full swing, and fun events are happening all over town. Summer’s really just around the corner now! What are your plans for the next few weeks & months?? I’m looking forward to balmy days spent eating al fresco, relaxing in Chicago’s parks (with a picnic!), outdoor concerts, and a few little trips here and there. Chicago Summers are the BEST, it’s why we suffer through our crazy Winters year after year.


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{Vintage Style} Below the Surface

Underwater Vintage Style by Miss Renaissance. Underwater Vintage Style by Miss Renaissance.

Underwater Vintage Style by Miss Renaissance.

Underwater Vintage Style by Miss Renaissance. 9

Underwater Vintage Style by Miss Renaissance.

Underwater Vintage Style by Miss Renaissance.

A fashion-obsessed girl, a stunning 70’s vintage dress, an immensely talented & innovative photographer with a high-tech underwater camera/housing, and an empty pool at midnight. What does all of this add up to?! A dramatic, vintage underwater style shoot, of course.

I don’t have to say much else, the photos speak for themselves here…except I had a blast diving, dancing under the surface, and letting myself float while wearing one of my favorite Shareen Vintage gowns (which I found on my latest visit for under $200!)

I hope you enjoy the drama!


{All images thanks to Seth Casteel.}

Africa Adventures {Part 2}

Africa Adventures by Miss Renaissance IMG_6503-8-17 IMG_0947-7-16 IMG_0904-6-15 IMG_0575-5-10 IMG_0543-4-9 IMG_0238-4 IMG_0196-2-3 African Adventures by Miss Renaissance The Africa memories continue. And no, you’re not hallucinating….that’s me touching a real 9-month-old lioness in the first picture!! I had the chance to visit Zambia’s ALERT Lion Conservation Program, where young lions are safely raised & eventually released into the wild to add to Africa’s dangerously low Lion population. It was a truly unreal, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Oh, and how adorable is the tiny Baby Baboon??!! I could have watched him/her play with the mother all day!


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}

Africa Adventures {Part 1}

IMG_0866-14 IMG_0756-13 IMG_0634-12 IMG_0355-5 IMG_0378-3-7 IMG_0503-8 IMG_0598-11 Africa Adventures

Hello, hello Lovelies! Sorry for my lack of posting yesterday…I’ve been having some Internet difficulties around here (it’s crazy how a little lack of technology can truly derail things these days!)

I’ve finally had time to start editing my many Africa shots (I took most with my Canon 5D Mark 2, but some are impromptu iPhone pictures!) There are so many pictures to get through, but I wanted to give you a little sneak peek as I go along. Words can’t describe the beauty that is Africa and its Wildlife! As you can see, my Mom and I saw so many different animals…it’s mind-blowing. Botswana & Zambia and its people were an unforgettable experience. We were so lucky to get to witness the animals interacting and just going about their days in their natural habitat…if you’ve ever considered or daydreamed about a trip to Africa, do it – as soon as possible!!!


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}

Swinging into 2013 {Video Outtakes Galore}

Glitter Bombs by Miss Renaissance

Atelier Azza Glam by Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance Hair & Makeup Magic

Vintage Dreams by Miss Renaissance

Makeup Fun with Miss Renaissance

Azza Glitz & Glam with Miss Renaissance

Wreath Madness by Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance Dancey Pants

Feather Love by Miss Renaissance

Disco Fever by Miss Renaissance

Jewelry Details by Miss Renaissance

Gettin' dotty with Miss Renaissance

Details, details from Miss Renaissance's Video

Disco Fever by Miss Renaissance

Azza Details by Miss Renaissance

Laughter is the best Medicine by Miss Renaissance

A Fashionable Christmas Tree by Miss Renaissance

Hello & welcome back, my Lovelies…and Happy 2013!!! I hope your week was relaxing, fun & filled with friends, family and love! I spent a wonderful week in Florida with my family…cooking (lots & lots of baking), soaking up some sun, and gearing up for the New Year.

2013 here we come – may it be the best year yet!! I have so many exciting things planned for Miss Renaissance in 2013…and none of it could be possible without your support. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading & being with me on this journey!

I thought I’d start the year with a bit of a bang, so I chose some favorite Photo Outtakes from my Video Shoot. As you can see, I had a total blast getting ready (thank you again for all of the makeup/hair pampering Shannon & Tara!) and dancing like a goofball while throwing around glitter & feathers. A huge thank you to my beautiful & talented friend Rada for shooting these pictures.


Design Spotlight {Solve Sundsbo Photography}

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Ahhhh… editorials. When they’re well done, they’re perfect little stories, woven together by a string of beautiful & imaginative photographs. One of my absolute favorite fashion photographers is Norwegian native Solve Sundsbo. His work is incredibly colorful, creative, and full of drama, movement and fantasy!

Solve regularly works for international fashion brands such as Hermes & Gucci, and his resume includes editorials for every major fashion magazine in the world. I believe that he deserves every one of his accolades – his creative talent and vision continually breathes fresh life into the genre of fashion photography. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

I hope you have a fun & colorful weekend, Lovelies! See you back here on Monday.


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Design Spotlight {Color Bombs}

Miss Renaissance Color

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

If you’re a Pinterest addict like I am, then you’ve probably come across a picture or two of colorful paint explosions, right? It’s a new, fun phenomenon in the art world…and I just can’t get enough of it! These Paint Pigment Photographs (or Color Bombs, as I like to call them) by British Artist duo Rob & Nick Carter are amazingly saturated and bright – and they just plain make me happy!

The Carters got their inspiration for these Pigment Clouds from the ancient Hindu Holi Festival – the Festival of Colors, which celebrates the Spring Season in India and Nepal. A festival dedicated to colors…what’s better than that!? One day I’ll make it to India to see it first hand…one day…


{First Image via Other images via}

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