Hi! My Name is Eva Daiberl. I’m a German-born Chicago-based Photographer, Pastry Chef and self proclaimed Style & Design Addict. I’m always on the hunt for new inspiration. I love to travel and experience the World through its different cuisines. Life is so short, it should be lived to the fullest every day!

Live more, eat more, want more!


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      • Helo sayanggggggggggggggggggg comel nyeeeeeeeeeee sooooooo cute !!!! dh besar nanti nk jadi ape sayangggggg ? nk jadi uztazah bolehhhhhh tapi jangan jadi uztazah yg eksen alim macm Abby ye sayanggggggg n jangan rosak kn n kondem kt program masak memasak yg di kate kn menipu penonton macm uztazah eksen alim macm bagos tu si Yatt ok sagggygggnggg……&at; tahniah adi serta isteri semoga di murah kn rezeki dn di beri kn kesehatan yg baik untok adi isteri dn juga anak lov uuuuuuuuuuuu !!

  1. Just found your blog through Freshly Pressed–love it! Just getting started in this blog world myself, I look forward to reading more!


  2. Hello Eva!

    I really like your blog! Keep it up, I want to see more! + Honestly, I never knew chicago was so great.. I’ve been a few times and it never sounded as good as you make it sound!

    From one photographer to another.


    • www dot roomvues dot com (crazy y!a won’t let me post the acautl link.You can upload a photo of your house to the makeover gallery and ask them to photoshop it with whatever colors you’re considering.

  3. You are a beautiful woman with impeccable style! You are my new favorite! Love the blog. I’m anxiously awaiting my move to Chicago!!!

  4. I have this beautiful little silver owl necklace from Coach and looking through your blog made me think you’d love it! I don’t want to tease, but I don’t think they sell it anymore. Here’s a link anyways. I wear it everyday and always get loads of compliments on it. Love your eclectic sense of decorating 🙂


    • Tumblr article…I saw someone writing about this on Tumblr and it linked to…Friendly Staff  Overall Ralppg&nbsn;&nbsi;Quatity of Work  

  5. Hi Eva,

    Nice to meet you. I love your blog’s name, reminds me of my college days ( I proclaimed myself as a renaissance woman).

    -wannabe photographer,

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    • Totally sharing the Problogger love I think some pepole get put off by the name because they think (or know) they don’t want to monetize, or because they don’t feel themselves to be pros. But there is so much information there for anyone at any level who wants to improve their blog in some way, everyone should check it out.I understand the value of Facebook pages but I don’t have one yet myself. I keep wondering, what if I had a Facebook page and nobody came? That would depress me. Well, not really but it would be kind of sad!

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  6. I just spent over an hour (slow day at work!) going through your pins – I clicked over from Crystalin’s blog and then was so excited to see a fellow Chicago blogger! Look forward to reading more 🙂

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