Fantasy at the Opera

Opera Fantasy

Opera Fantasy

Opera House Chicago

Opera Fantasy by Miss Renaissance

Opera Fantasy by Miss Renaissance

Opera Fantasy by Miss Renaissance

Opera Fantasy by Miss Renaissance

Opera Fantasy by Miss Renaissance

What happens around 1am at the Chicago Lyric Opera House?! Well, normally not much….but the other night, a little dark & stormy fantasy played out at one of Chicago’s most beautiful landmarks.

I’ve long been a fan of Marie Antoinette as well as The Phantom of the Opera. I love the fantasy element of both and I adore playing dress-up (who doesn’t, really!?) So when I came across this beautiful Beth Bowley Gown at BHLDN, I knew my fantasy photo shoot finally had to happen! I totally improvised with my hair & makeup here, but I had long wanted to experiment with gold body paint to create an “opera length” illusion glove. What do you think? I kinda wish I could run around with an arm’s length of gold paint on a regular basis.

I hope you enjoyed getting lost in my little fantasy world for a few minutes. It doesn’t hurt to dream every now and then!

P.S.: This gown is now available for purchase (at a sweet discount) on my Vaunte page!


{Images by Seth Casteel}

9 responses

  1. I adore everything about this fantasy photo shoot! Before I read that you shot this at 1:00 am I was like, “how the heck did she get pictures at the opera house with no one around?”
    My favorite pictures are the one with you in the door frame and if your dress twirling with an emphasis on your heels!

    • thx for the link, really cool show (listen to Pop Music and So-called Life , will start War of world soon :).What’s funny is that it’s the radio i’m linnitnesg in my car while going to work, but never knew or heard about this particular show.

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  2. Oh my goodness! This is incredible! I am overwhelmed with lust, admiration and curiosity, over this project! Just found your blog, followed, and look forward to doing some more research around your space this week. Thank you for sharing this profound expression. Jeanine H

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