Currently Baking {Coconut-Buttermilk Pound Cake}

Coconut-Buttermilk Pound Cake by Miss Renaissance IMG_1592-2 IMG_1656-6 IMG_1674-7 IMG_1695-10

Summa, Summa, Summatime…coconut somehow screams Summer to me! It’s not only one of my favorite ingredients to use/eat in baked goods, it also makes me long for hot days spent on a tropical beach somewhere. Toasted coconut used in a deliciously rich Pound Cake is basically perfect to me!! This recipe is easy & fool-proof. The cake comes out moist & fluffy (thanks to the addition of buttermilk) with exactly the right amount of sweet-coconutty richness. NOM! I could personally devour this entire loaf in about 2 days!

Bake it, have a slice (or two) with your morning coffee/tea and dare to tell me you’re not instantly smitten. Find the recipe here.


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  1. I LOVED THIS POST!!! I studied whillen reich on my graduation and it is the way I practice pshcgoloyy!!! I am learning a lot of myself and to get to know our true sekf and what it wants it is not an easy way!!!! But we need to trust ourselves!!!!

  2. Professor Wilton Ferreira disse:Minha sugestão é fazer um filme para mostrar um deficinete incluído na sociedade, digamos um cego; então, mostra-se o cego, de preferência ao lado de um labrador, ambos muito felizes; o cego, se professor como eu, exibindo um estojo cheio de giz, e o cachorro, abanando o rabo de tanta felicidade.

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