It’s DIY Time {Next Level Succulent Pots!}

DIY Gold-Leafed Succulent Pots by Miss Renaissance

{This is all you need! Spray paint is easiest, but any type of acrylic paint will do.}


{Once painted, let your pots dry completely before applying the Gold leaf.}


{Apply washi tape (or painters tape) to section off the area you’d like to Gold Leaf. Then apply a thin layer of glue so the Gold Leaf can stick.}

DIY Gold-Leafed Succulent Pots by Miss Renaissance

{Voila! Once you’re done Gold Leafing the shapes you dreamt up, you’ll be ready to plant your succulents.}


{What do you think? So much prettier than the lame old clay pots, right?}


{If you plan to keep your pots inside, you’re done! If you plan to display them outside, make sure you spray the pots with a clear sealant first to weather proof!}


It’s Spring…and Spring makes me think of pretty plants…and pretty plants, naturally, make me think of dope DIYs! You follow me? Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, back to DIY-ing. I’ve been looking forward to sprucing up my plain clay pots for a while now, and this past weekend the weather was nice enough to venture outside for a little spray painting. I went to my local garden shop and purchased a few adorable succulents/cacti (easy to take care of – I’m no green thumb by any means!) and got to work! I’m really happy with how they turned out, what do you think?!


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}

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    • Ha awesome. That’s cos DagEnDauw is on Blogger check out the WordPress photo celhlange attracting Blogger peeps c’mon over and join the fun, Blogger crew, this is where the cool kids hang out To leave a comment on Dauw’s entry on Blogger, at the bottom of his comment box there’s a dropdown box (look for the text Reageer als:) Choose the WordPress option, add in the address of your WordPress site and you’ll be able to leave a comment. xx Ailsa

    • Just wanted to send a litlte Thank You! Today, when walking the pooch, I suddenly remembered your unofficial challenge, and I started to see reflections everywhere. How come I never paid attention before? I took a lot of photographs, but neither my nor my camera’s abilities qualify for this challenge. I’m only a Knipser , you know. Nevertheless enjoyed it a lot! Sus:)nne

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