Video {Closet Conversations}

Happy Friday!! Are you ready for the weekend?

A few weeks back, Nikia, one of my favorite local fashionistas & her team came over to my house for an intense few hours of playing in my closet. The result is a fun video showcasing a bunch of my favorite pieces and a closer look at what inspires me in life & in fashion. I hope you enjoy it and have a fabulous weekend, Lovelies!


3 responses

  1. Loved it! It’s so nice to hear your voice, and even with as much sharing as you do video always seems to be just that much more personal. 🙂

  2. What a great video! You are so open with your blog; it’s very commendable. Is it ever hard some times for you to share so much about your life?
    I loved the sneak peak into your wardrobe, of course, because you have amazing style! I looooved that ice cream post you did too, it was so editorial!

  3. “They’re maybe 1/2 a size too small…But I’m wearing extra thick socks”- Said every fashionable woman ever. Loved taking a look into your closet and seeing all your vintage pieces.

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