A Stylish Party {For a Cause}

This is for my Chicago People!! I’m super excited to tell you about an amazing event that I’m co-hosting. It’s the Chicago Artists Coalition’s annual fundraiser, Starving Artist. The event will challenge an incredibly talented group of local artists & chefs to collaborate and inspire one another. The outcome is a night of artistic, edible and aesthetic delight! Trust me, this is a Summer Event you won’t want to miss! There will be music, delicious food, cocktails and, of course, amazing art installations. The Chicago Artists Coalition’s space is beautiful & wide open – a perfect backdrop for this kind of Soiree.

Just to give you a little sneak peek, this year features an all star line-up of participants and partners:

Abraham Conlon of Fat Rice // Andrea Morris of Cocomori // Benjamin Newby of Hennessy Black // Bill Kim of BellyQ and Urban Belly // Furniture designers Bladon Conner & Aaron Pahmier // Chrissy Camba of Bar Pastoral // Artist Claire Ashley // Artist Cody Hudson // Erick Williams of MK // Fabio Viviano of Top Chef and Siena Tavern // Jared Wentworth of Longman and Eagle // HATCH artist Jordan Martins // Mamas Nuts // Artist Sabina Ott // BOLT artist Stacia Yeapanis // Taco Battle: Antique Taco vs. Big Star // Artist Theaster Gates // Zoe Schor of Ada Street.

Visit the CAC’s website for more information about the Coalition’s background and programs. To purchase tickets for Starving Artist, email alexis@chicagoartistscoalition.org or call 312.491.8888.

If you purchase your tickets before June 15 (and I suggest you do, this event will sell out fast!), you’ll enjoy early bird pricing:

$100 general admission

$150 Secret Society (includes a super awesome gift bag and a year long collectors circle membership, a $150 value)

I hope to see you there!


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