Currently Baking {French Macarons}

Easter-inspired French Macaron IMG_7472-5 IMG_7477-6 IMG_7510-9 IMG_7546-13 IMG_7571-16

Easter-inspired French Macaron


Easter-inspired French Macaron

The French Macaron…such a delicious but fickle beast! They’re beautiful, highly addicting, but also hard to perfect at home. In my experience, depending on the weather (i.e. random levels of humidity), the quality of ingredients used, the type of food coloring added, and even depending on my mood that day, macarons can either turn out beautifully or fail miserably. I remember learning how to make these little suckers back in my pastry school days, and even seasoned French Chefs still mess these up every now and then.

This being said, I love a challenge, so I decided to try my luck at some gilded & pastel-colored macarons at home – Easter is almost upon us after all! I made several batches in different colors, and some turned out better than others, but overall I’m happy with the outcome – they look fun, glittery (everything is better with glitter), and they taste amazing!

I like using Martha Stewart’s tried & true recipe – find it right here. If you want to get a little crazy, you can find the gold dust & edible glitter here & here.

I dare you to make a colorful batch of macarons this weekend…and let me know how they turn out!!


{All images by Missrenaissance.}

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      • Dear all, Thanks for stopping by and leave your loelvy comment. I suggest you to give a try, it look difficult but in actual fact, it is not !! The important thing is you need to know your Oven !! adjust the right temp, and am sure you can make this too..Bakeling, can make about 25pcs (50cent coin size). When I did, I double up the ingredients.Ah Wei, this is super sweet, I’m not appreciate this but my kids love it !!

      • Sounds like you need some new beds sister! Ben just made a batieuful bed for Reilly because he was just getting WAY too big for his other one. I can’t wait for bunk-beds even if they all have their same room gotta have bunk beds!

  1. How can a cookie be soo pretty? But I feel calling it a cookie is almost disrespectful. The look more like baby wedding cakes they are so gorgeous. lol
    (But I have to admit it would be fun to see the mess ups… We’d still love you, I promise) 😉

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  5. Such beautiful macaroons – totally gorgeous. I also love and covet the pink and white stripey table linen in some of the photos – are you able to tell me where it was from please??

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  7. I LOVE the “Find A Cure” cards! Ever since you sent one to Jenny, I have loved them! And I think it’s great that you give the proceeds to baerst cancer research! Awesome blog! Cute ideas! Keep it up! :)Katie

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  9. Hello!!!

    Just a quick question…how do u prepare the shimmer dust for painting?? Do you mix with vodka or some kind of alcohol?? Please advise if you can divulge!!


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