Shop Happy {Baba Souk}

Baba Souk Pillow

Baba Souk Pouch

Baba Souk Triangle Pillow

Baba Souk Bracelets

Baba Souk Mini Baskets

Baba Souk Moroccan Pillow

Baba Souk Coasters

You know how, too often, you’ll endlessly roam the Internet for fun new products & all you see is the same old boring stuff?! Yeah, I feel ya. But then, on rare occasions, you’ll stumble across a super fun, creative, and just awesome web shop! That’s exactly what happened to me this weekend when I stumbled upon Baba Souk. It’s a Montreal-based site that focuses on hand-made and truly independently unique products. I love all of the international designs & small brands they showcase. I mean, how beautiful would one of their Moroccan pillows look piled up on a comfy couch!? Gimme, gimme!


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