Take 5 for Beauty {Jena’s Picks}

Take 5 for Beauty

This week’s “Take 5” features Jena Gambaccini’s favorite beauty picks. Jena is not only one of my favorite Chicago Ladies, she’s also a fantastic fellow blogger! Check out her blog Chi City Fashion for a daily dose of fashion, wit & Chicago-centric amazingness!

Now, on to her beauty essentials, in Jena’s words:

After I started coloring my hair, my colorist suggested this line GK. It’s great because it’s safe for color treated hair, there’s no harsh chemicals and it’s very hydrating without causing any build-up or excess oil. Hands down, the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used.
Under eye dark circles have always been an issue for me, and although I’ve been using eye cream since age 15, it just wasn’t enough. I used to use concealer for my dark circles but when I was introduced to the Bobbi Brown corrector, it changed everything. It brightens and covers up at the same time. For a little more brightness, I use Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder on top.
Beauty products are like fashion; there’s certain things you invest in and other’s you can save on. This was where I was willing to make the investment, especially because I no longer need 2 moisturizers (one for day and one for night). Plus, it’s all natural and gives your skin that perfect glow. I’ve been using it twice a day for over a month and it barely looks like I’ve opened the bottle…a little really goes a long way. I even put a few drops on the ends of my hair after I get out of the shower. It’s ideal if you want your haircuts to last a little longer.
My skin (especially my legs) get extremely dry in the Winter and this scrub not only gets rid of dead skin but it’s very hydrating at the same time. I’ve tried other scrubs but I always come back to this one. The fact that it smells fantastic doesn’t hurt either 🙂
You could call my nail polish obsession unhealthy and I wouldn’t disagree with you. Although my collection is pushing 100 bottles, my favorite brand has always been Ginger + Liz. I love pretty much every color they make but Swagger is my favorite. It looks like a metallic suede once you put it on and it even looks cool with a matte top coat. The color really goes with everything and your manicure actually lasts!
Thank you, Jena, for your beauty insight!
P.S.: Trust me people, you really might want to follow Jena’s advice….her skin is fabulous at all times….I’m running out to get that concealer combo right now!

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