Africa Adventures {Part 1}

IMG_0866-14 IMG_0756-13 IMG_0634-12 IMG_0355-5 IMG_0378-3-7 IMG_0503-8 IMG_0598-11 Africa Adventures

Hello, hello Lovelies! Sorry for my lack of posting yesterday…I’ve been having some Internet difficulties around here (it’s crazy how a little lack of technology can truly derail things these days!)

I’ve finally had time to start editing my many Africa shots (I took most with my Canon 5D Mark 2, but some are impromptu iPhone pictures!) There are so many pictures to get through, but I wanted to give you a little sneak peek as I go along. Words can’t describe the beauty that is Africa and its Wildlife! As you can see, my Mom and I saw so many different animals…it’s mind-blowing. Botswana & Zambia and its people were an unforgettable experience. We were so lucky to get to witness the animals interacting and just going about their days in their natural habitat…if you’ve ever considered or daydreamed about a trip to Africa, do it – as soon as possible!!!


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}

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