It’s DIY Time {Vecco Rugs}

Vecco DIY

{This is all you’ll need for your custom carpet!}

Vecco DIY

{Place the stencil wherever your heart desires & spray away!}

Vecco DIY

{After drying & sealing, you’re done! How cute is that!?}

Vecco DIY

{Great for a stairway, entry..even in the bathroom.}

Vecco DIY

{Makes me happy every time I see it :-}

During my time at Alt Summit back in January, I had the pleasure to meet the super creative (and Chicago based – woohoo!) team behind Vecco, a new company that lets you custom design & create your own rugs and carpets. What a fun idea, right? SO up my alley!

I got to try Vecco myself this week (thanks to Vecco’s team for hooking me up with a little rug kit!), and I can honestly tell you it’s super easy & fun! I love that the paint is non-toxic (i.e. you can use it inside the house while you create your carpet) and that you can use a vacuum to erase any potential mistakes before you spray on the sealant to permanently “set” your design. It’s virtually foolproof that way!

There are tons of cool stencil designs and colors to choose from, so no matter if you’re into florals, stripes, or more abstract patterns, there will most likely be something awesome for you. It took me almost no time to create my little mat….I’m already designing a bigger area rug in my head. How fun would this be as a family project or a DIY for a weekend afternoon with your friends?!

Have a great weekend – maybe even with a little down time for crafting/DIY-ing!


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