Favorite {Instagram} Moments of 2012

January Instagram

{January 2012: Had a great time attending & shooting photos at NYC’s “Capsule“}

February Instagram

{February 2012: A closet clean-out spurred this crazy shoe-in-bathtub moment…and lead to this GIF!}

March Instagram

{March 2012: Attending Blogshop in NYC was a blast & I learned SO much.}

April Instagram

{April 2012: One of my favorite DIY-Snacks to date: Orange Creamsicle Popcorn. Yum!}

May Instagram

{May 2012: Enjoying the warm sun & green parks of Spring with my baby boy Fritz.}

June Instagram

{June 2012: Enjoying the amazing California Coastline on a Family trip through Wine Country.}

July Instagram

{July 2012: Devoured this delicious Cherry Galette I made with amazing sour cherries hand-picked in Michigan.}

August Instagram

{August 2012: The natural stillness & inspiration of Whistler, B.C. during my Photography Workshop with Aran Goyoaga.}

September Instagram

{September 2012: Drinking it all in for the first time – 1st row seat at the BCBG runway show at Fashion Week NYC.}

October Instagram

{October 2012: Chicago is breathtaking during the Fall….just look at these colors!!}

November Instagram

{November 2012: Celebrating Chicago’s Burberry’s Flagship Store Opening with a few of my favorite ladies.}

December Instagram

{December 2012: Prepping for the first ever Miss Renaissance Video Shoot – Holiday Edition.}

As much as I sometimes grow tired of all of the social media & technology madness surrounding us on a daily basis (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Texts Galore…), the one little piece of technology that I am continually grateful for is Instagram. It’s such an easy and visual way to document as little (or as much) of our lives as we like. I feel inspired and happy that I and am able to scroll through some favorite moments of the past year in my Instagram feed.

How do you feel about it all? Do you find inspiration through other people’s Instagram feeds or is it just another added piece of technology that’s clogging up our daily lives? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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