Swinging into 2013 {Video Outtakes Galore}

Glitter Bombs by Miss Renaissance

Atelier Azza Glam by Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance Hair & Makeup Magic

Vintage Dreams by Miss Renaissance

Makeup Fun with Miss Renaissance

Azza Glitz & Glam with Miss Renaissance

Wreath Madness by Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance Dancey Pants

Feather Love by Miss Renaissance

Disco Fever by Miss Renaissance

Jewelry Details by Miss Renaissance

Gettin' dotty with Miss Renaissance

Details, details from Miss Renaissance's Video

Disco Fever by Miss Renaissance

Azza Details by Miss Renaissance

Laughter is the best Medicine by Miss Renaissance

A Fashionable Christmas Tree by Miss Renaissance

Hello & welcome back, my Lovelies…and Happy 2013!!! I hope your week was relaxing, fun & filled with friends, family and love! I spent a wonderful week in Florida with my family…cooking (lots & lots of baking), soaking up some sun, and gearing up for the New Year.

2013 here we come – may it be the best year yet!! I have so many exciting things planned for Miss Renaissance in 2013…and none of it could be possible without your support. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading & being with me on this journey!

I thought I’d start the year with a bit of a bang, so I chose some favorite Photo Outtakes from my Video Shoot. As you can see, I had a total blast getting ready (thank you again for all of the makeup/hair pampering Shannon & Tara!) and dancing like a goofball while throwing around glitter & feathers. A huge thank you to my beautiful & talented friend Rada for shooting these pictures.


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  1. Dukh ko kuro ke bhane afno ta chutti(DAY OFF) nai hunidaa shukrabar(FRIDAY) ko din ma.By the way, hardik badhai cha!!!Asha garchu aaune din haruma bhet ghat hunecha tapai haru sampurna LAFAA haru sit.PATTA MAGAR LAFAA’KO KA’AT CHA’ANING !!!

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