It’s DIY Time {Holiday Edition}

DIY Miss Renaissance

{Get your tools ready: Pine Cones (forage them in your neighborhood/woods or buy them at a craft store), Spray Paint, Twine (or any string you like), Gold Leaf (available at most craft stores, or online here), Glitter, Screw Eye Hooks (I got mine at Home Depot).}

Miss Renaissance DIY

{Take your Cones outside (or in a well-ventilated area), and spray until you achieve the color saturation you like. Let dry for about 15 minutes.}

Miss Renaissance DIY

{Once your Cones are almost dry (still slightly tacky), apply the Gold Leaf and use a sponge tool or brush (even a soft toothbrush will do) to dust off the excess Leaf.}

Miss Renaissance

{Use your Glitter liberally on your non-gold Cones!}

Miss Renaissance DIY Blogger Style Holiday

{Yay! Gold & Pink Glittery Goodness!}

Miss Renaissance DIY Crafting

Miss Renaissance

{Using either your fingers or a pair of pliers, gently screw a hook eye into the top of each Pine Cone.}

Miss Renaissance Blogger

{Line up your Cones in the order you’d like them to hang on your finished Garland. Then knot your twine, evenly spaced, onto each Eye Hook. }

Miss Renaissance

{VOILA! Your beautiful, sparkly, & glamorous Garland is ready to be hung wherever your Holiday Heart desires (in my case, over my fireplace!}

Miss Renaissance DIY

What would the Holidays be without a super glam & fun DIY!? This Pine Cone Garland is easy and will cost little money to make. I decided to add pops of bright & glittery pink to mine, but you can let your imagination go wild with color choices here…..add some deep red for a true Christmas feel, or some green….or maybe even black for a more edgy look.

This was my first time working with Gold Leaf, and let me tell you – I now have the urge to literally Gold Leaf everything in sight!!! 


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}

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    • I have used the same idea but I used the cupboard bdesie my . I put pull out shelves made of peg board and dowling. The front of each shelf is labelled with the brand of . With 3 or 4 inches for each shelf I will be able to add more as needed. Bobbin threads go bdesie the matching spool. This site is so full of useful information!

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    • I am fortunate enguoh to have a husband who works for a plastic place. He made me years ago clear acrylic cabinets on the wall for my serger and regular sewing with doors and hinges (out of plastic) to protect my assortment of threads from dust and fall down and out on to the floor. I group colors and bobbins together.He also made me a clear plastic table to fit around my serger 10 years ago with 2 drawers, not just legs, like they have now. I am soooooooo lucky!!:)

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