The Performance of the Year

Miss Renaissance

Chicago-people, this one’s for you!! Have you gotten wind of the coolest & most magical Musical Performance to hit the city this year!? In case you haven’t, listen up: Just in time for the Festive Season Sita Ram will hit the Harris Threater Stage later this week! This beautiful musical creates a modern interpretation of the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana, fusing the past, present, and future in a fantasy world of music, dance, fashion, and design that aims to lead its audience “on a path of reflection and self-discovery.” Big promises, right? To be honest, I am fairly certain that this masterpiece will actually deliver everything it promises (and no, nobody paid me to say this!)

The big guns of the Lookingglass Theater & the Chicago Children’s Choir are behind everything, so you know it must be great. Tickets for all 3 performances (an opening performance on Friday, the 14th, and two performances on Saturday, the 15th) are still available here. GO, you truly won’t regret it! I will be traveling to New York for a few days starting today, so I will sadly miss the performances….but I’ve seen several glimpses of the rehearsal & amazing costume designs by Atelier Azza, and I can’t wait to hear all about it (& see it on video) once I get back to town.


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