It’s DIY Time {Ombre Candles}

Miss Renaissance

{Get all of your tools ready before you start your candle-making adventure! I used this candle-making kit. P.S. the glitter was not used in this project, although you could most definitely add a sprinkling of glitter to the tops of your candles while they’re almost dry!}

Miss Renaissance

{In a double boiler, melt the wax to 185 degrees F. Take off the stove, add your desired amount of color/scent, and let the wax cool to 125 degrees F…}

Miss Renaissance

{…then pour the wax into your candle containers (vintage tea cups in my case). Make sure to fill them all the way to the top, the candles will be extra pretty that way!}

Miss Renaissance

{Wait 5 minutes, then insert the wicks into your candle while the wax is still liquid.}

Miss Renaissance

{If necessary, place a wooden stick/toothpick on the rim of your candle to hold the wick in place & keep it centered. Remove the stick/toothpick after a few minutes (before the wax starts to dry) to avoid leaving a mark in the wax!}

Miss Renaissance

{Voila! After about 1-2 hours of drying, your candles will be ready to use.}

Miss Renaissance

{To create the perfect Ombre Effect, heat several batches of wax with different amounts of dye in each batch. In my case, I heated & poured 5 separate batches of wax. I added 7 drops of red/pink dye to my 1st batch of wax, 5 drops to the 2nd, 3 drops to the 3rd, 1 drop to the 4th, and no dye to the 5th.}

Miss Renaissance

{This candle adds a perfect touch of vintage & girly whimsy to my coffee table!}


Who’s ready for a fun DIY just in time for the Holidays?! I’ve seen this type of DIY floating around the internet in a few different variations, and have been dying to put my own spin on it.

On a recent Flea Market outing I came across this adorable set of vintage tea cups. The intricate pattern & gold accents drew me in immediately (and so did the low price tag!) I knew I probably wouldn’t use the cups for actual tea-drinking….which meant the perfect time for attempting my Ombre Candle DIY had arrived. I bought a soy candle starter kit online (your local craft store might have these kits as well), and as you can see, the project was a success! Candle-making is pretty simple, as long as you work carefully and follow instructions.

These cuties will make great little Holiday gifts for friends & loved ones. They smell delicious, (I chose a scent combo of orange & Holiday spruce, but vanilla or a floral scent would be nice, too) and look unexpected & glam on a coffee table or lined up as a center piece for a dinner party. If you don’t have vintage cups on hand, you could use mason jars, simple glass votive holders, or even old jam jars for this. The possibilities really are endless.

I hope you give it a try…homemade gifts (even if they’re just for yourself) are always special!


{All Photos by Miss Renaissance.}

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      • Of course she\’ll love it. Any women I know would live it. Looks awesmoe. Good find and buy! If I\”d known about it I would have bought it, or something similar. Candles are always a good idea.

    • Eu: „AÈ™tept cu nerăbdare să văd cum negi reabilitarea criminalilor care au făcut asta fără religie.”Adi: „N-ai decat sa astepti cat vrei. Eu nu mai contribui cu nimic la caricatura ta de blh;g&#8221.Haoahaha. Nici nu mă aÈ™teptam să poÈ›i să susÈ›ii asemenea cretinisme sau să te ridici la nivelul de a demnostra ceva.Călătorie sprâncenată!

    • Thank you for showing us this one. Please tell me why it is that expgrtvillaee videos are always broken into many short videos like these? It drives me nuts trying to search for the, next step ! And when in total, most all of your videos don’t even add up to 10 minutes all together.

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  2. I’ve been making ombre candles, but ranging from shade from bottom to top and you don’t need to separate your wax into batches. Start with the no dye, then add some and pour, then add more and pour… it’s just easier!

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      • I LOVE scented calndes around the holidays. My favourite is Kiehl’s Amber scent—it was a limited edition a couple of years ago, and when I found out they were discontinuing it I stocked up and called every department store in town to buy every candle they had! I use them sparingly but the scent is SO divine. Really warm and inviting, and perfect for this time of year.

      • Hi, all you need are a few items that you can find at candle shops or even at local craft stroes like Micheal’s and A.C. Moore.Here’s what you need;candle waxwax papermelting pot (not your best pot though)candle wick(s)candle molds or glasses (depending on the shape that you want your candle to be)liquid scents (optional, which you can mix into the wax when the wax is melted. you can also use soap scents)stove top to melt waxoven mits to hold pot while pouring wax. you could also dip the candles or spoon the wax into the moldthis is all that you will need to make your candlesgood luck

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  4. It’s really hard to get levotfer wax out of a hurricane lamp. Try melting the wax under hot water and get as much of it out as possible. Buy Goo-gone, you can get it at most grocery stores and clean the rest with that, it works quite well. The next time, spray the lamp with Pam Cooking Spray and just wipe enough of it off so you can’t see it. The wax won’t stick to the glass next time, do it every time you change the candle. Works like a charm!

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