Currently Baking {Orange Amaretti}

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Thanksgiving is almost here, and with it comes a wave of cooking/baking nostalgia for many of us! Do you have a favorite cake/cookie/pie/tart that always reminds you of the Holiday Season?? I’d love to hear about it!

In the meantime, let me introduce you to one of my childhood favorites – reinvented. As a kid growing up in Germany, we often vacationed in Italy during school breaks (it’s just a short drive away, afterall!) Italians love their almonds!! The traditional “Amaretti” cookie is a staple in Italy with its sweet & fragrant almond flavor and that crackly crust (hiding a deliciously chewy center.) I truly could eat these cookies by the handful! Most Americans tend to favor peanuts or pecans when baking cookies, but trust me – giving this intense almond flavor a chance will open new, delicious horizons for you!

This recipe is an easy & naturally gluten free version of the Italian staple. The addition of fresh orange zest gives the cookie a little brightness in flavor. Feel free to omit the orange zest or use lemon/lime instead. I really, really hope you try this recipe for yourself! It’s such a simple way to bring a little of the “Old World” into your house, and people are easily won over by the surprisingly new flavor.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you back here on Friday.


{All Photos by Miss Renaissance.}

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