A Minted Holiday

Miss Renaissance

{For the Cute Dog Lovers}

Miss Renaissance

{For the Adventurous Dog Lovers.}

Miss Renaissance

{For the Romantics}

Miss Renaissance

{For the Cat Lovers}

Miss Renaissance

{For the Whole Family}

Miss Renaissance

{Show off the Kiddos, Modern…}

Miss Renaissance


Miss Renaissance

{…or Vintage}

Miss Renaissance

{Introduce a New Addition}

Miss Renaissance

{If you don’t feel like uploading your own picture}

Miss Renaissance

{Show your City Pride}

Miss Renaissance

{Simple & Graphic}

Miss Renaissance

Have you all started planning/crafting/uploading/designing your Holiday Cards yet? Me neither!

If not, you need to check out Minted.com! It’s a great online resource for beautiful, fun, and well-designed paper goods. Minted is unique because it holds monthly design challenges that are open to graphic designers from across the globe. The Minted community then selects the best designs and winning designers earn cash prizes, a place in the Minted collection, and commissions on all sales of their designs.

I recently saw some of Minted’s designs at a friend’s house and was blown away by their print & paper-stock quality. Their range of highly customizable Holiday Cards is awesome….the options to change your cards’ shape & color is also a nice touch. Above are a few of my personal favorites (I’m think I’m going with one of the fun Dog-Holiday-Card designs this year.)


{All images via Minted.com}

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