It’s Roundup Time {Sweater Edition}

Miss Renaissance

{From top left to right: Striped Sequin Cardigan – Markus Lupfer, Navy Fair Isle Sweater – J.Crew, Blue Sweater with Rhinestones – French Connection, Green Short-Sleeved Sweater – French Connection, Oversized Striped Cardigan – French Connection, Burgundy Off-the-Shoulder Sweater – French Connection, Cream Fisherman Sweater – Gap, Cat Lover’s Sweater – Modcloth, Grey Tie Intarsia Sweater – Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, Classic Black Turtleneck – DKNY, Colorblock Sweater – Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.}

Brrrrr…it’s been pretty darn cold outside these past few days. Somehow it feels much more like Winter than Fall right now!!

This sudden shock to my system has me thinking about warm & cozy sweaters. I love a well-designed and interesting sweater. There are way too many boring, grey/beige oversized sweaters floating around these days. Just because it’s Winter and we’re bundled up doesn’t mean we should lose all sense of fun or color, don’t you think?! Above are a few of my current sweater picks. They’re all a bit different & interesting in their own right (except for the classic black turtleneck, of course. I think every stylish woman should own at least one of those!)

I hope you find a bit of inspiration for when you’re ready to purchase your next sweater for the Season!


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  1. When you called me last night, you didn’t meotnin your nephew was named Henry! Doesn’t Abi realize that Henry means ruler of the estate? Our Henry has pretty much ruled the house since the day he was born, so we got what we deserved. (We got smarter when we named the next two. One is supposed to be pure and lovely, the other a gift from God .)Maybe Miranda will be enchanting and ethereal and make up for her ruling brother. The photos already suggest that, don’t you think?They are absolutely amazing. Please congratulate Abi for me. And tell her to consider herself warned, in having named her son Henry.

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