Saved by the Bell….a Halloween Tale.

Miss Renaissance

{Do you guys remember this crew!? Yeah…thought so!}

Miss Renaissance

{“The Max” menu at Antique Taco.}

Miss Renaissance

{Major love for Zack the teenage heartthrob…}

Miss Renaissance

{I ordered “The Kelly” – Sweet & Spicy, just like me!}

{Oh, and who could forget Slater’s expert moves!! And that mullet haircut….wow!}

Happy Post-Halloween Day, Lovelies! I hope you had a super fun day/night. Any good stories you’d like to devulge??

Yesterday, I ventured out to one of my favorite Mexican neighborhood eateries – Antique Taco – just to find that the entire space AND its menu had been transformed into “The Max” from Saved by the Bell for just one day. Ah-mazing!! The employees were dressed up as various Saved by the Bell characters (early 90’s garb galore!), and “The Max” menu was hilarious.

I love it when businesses get creative and put a real effort into what they do. Antique Taco, you rule!!


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