Weekly Color Inspo {New Territory}

Miss Renaissance manicure Color Inspiration

{On all fingers – CND Gotcha. Glitter layer on index fingers – CND Zillionaire.}

Ok ok…so you see, I tend to be more of a purist when it comes to manicures. I like the old-fashioned polishes that last about 5-6 (if I’m lucky!) days and then proceed to chip like crazy. Call me impractical, call me flighty – I really just love being able to change up my color every week. Many of my friends swear by getting “Gel” manicures. They last for weeks on end, they never chip etc etc. Truth be told, I never really believed all the hype. So on Monday I decided to try it out for myself. I was browsing through Atelier Azza’s beautiful designs at her Trunk Show and happened upon a complimentary (major bonus!) CND gel mani station – it was a “now or never” kind of moment.

I chose a fun bubblegum pink, paired with a bit of glitter to top off my index finger. I’m heading to Jamaica for a Girl’s Vacation tomorrow, so picking a fun & bright color seemed appropriate for time in the sun! I have to admit, the fact that once complete, my manicure was completely dry and chip proof was a very nice surprise. I also like the way it shines, very glossy indeed. Only time will tell if it can withstand ocean water, sand, and life in general. I’ll report back on that next week!


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