From my Kitchen {Pecan Pesto}

Miss Renaissance Pesto Recipe

Miss Renaissance Basil

Miss Renaissance

It’s that time of the year….time to cut back all of our plants & herbs in preparation for the colder months (well, at least here in Chicago!) For me, that means harvesting the last of my beautiful Basil plants. Traditionally, Basil Pesto is made using Pine Nuts, but I like to switch things up – so I used some leftover Pecans I had in my pantry this time around. Most nuts will be tasty…I’ve used Walnuts and Almonds in the past. Peanuts might be too strong in this recipe, so I’d stay away from those.

All you need for your Pesto is some nice quality Parmesan Cheese, a good amount of fresh Basil, a few fresh Garlic Cloves (peeled), some Salt & Pepper, and your favorite Olive Oil. I simply throw all of my ingredients in a food processor and pulse until everything is well combined and soft. If you like your Pesto more runny, simply add more Olive Oil. If you prefer it more stiff, cut back on the Oil. YUM! It’s one of my favorite pasta sauces for an easy weekday dinner. Oh, and if you have any leftover Pesto you aren’t using right away, it freezes very well (I use ice trays to freeze small cubes that I can just toss on top of my hot pasta whenever I have a craving.)


{All Photos by Miss Renaissance.}

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