New York Fashion Week Report {DL1961}

Miss Renaissance DL1961

{Rolling out the runway…show’s about to start!}

Miss Renaissance DL1961

{Beautiful dancers showing off their moves in DL1961 Denim.}

Miss Renaissance DL1961 Denim

Miss Renaissance

{Denim on Denim done right!}

{Loving this denim pattern!}

Miss Renaissance DL1961

Miss Renaissance NYFW

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance DL1961 Finale

{The grand finale!}

Happy Friday, Lovelies! It’s me, reporting live from New York Fashion Week! It’s been a crazy whirlwind these past few days since I arrived & I’m having a blasty blast!

The first show I attended was DL1961 Denim, and as you can see it was beautiful. I scored a prime spot in the Photographer’s Pit…a definite plus. The dancers opening the show truly drew the crowd’s attention and set the tone for the rest of the show.

Above are my favorite looks. What do you think? I personally love the printed denim & the metallic/leather details on the tops!

Ok, off to more NYFW madness…I’ll check back in with you guys soon!


{All photos by Miss Renaissance.}

12 responses

  1. I like the bright red pants. Wow! That is so awesome that you were in the pit! Great pictures. Can’t wait to be in NYC in December-I already have my new shoes, hope to have the DSLR by then too.

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