Whistler Adventures {Part 1}

Miss Renaissance Ace Camp

{Our first day was spent preparing & styling fresh foods and taking our first stabs at creating the perfect picture…}

Miss Renaissance Ace Camp

Miss renaissance Ace Camp Whistler

Miss renaissance Whistler Ace camp Photography

Miss Renaissance

{Our 2nd day was spent at North Arm Farm and was filled with beautiful vistas, amazing colors, cute farm animals and fresh produce for us to pick, eat, admire & of course, photograph…}

Miss Renaissance Food Photgraphy

Miss Renaissance Blueberries

Whistler Miss Renaissance Ace Camp

Miss renaissance Photography

{How beautiful are these beets…pulled right from the ground minutes before I took this picture…}

Miss Renaissance

Hello Lovelies! Welcome back to a short week. How was your Holiday??

I’m so excited to finally share the images from my recent Food Styling & Photography trip with Ace Camps to Whistler, B.C.! I had some extra hours free for editing over the weekend, so here is the first part of my Canadian Adventure (second part to follow soon!)

As you can see the weather was absolutely gorgeous and the landscape was breathtaking to say the least. I loved every minute of this camp experience with Aran of Cannelle et Vanille. Learning, experimenting with lighting and different camera settings, preparing fresh food, and sharing the experience with a super creative & talented group of people was a dream come true for me!


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}

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