Instagram Rewind

Miss Renaissance in Whistler

{Already missing last weekend’s Lakeside setting in Whistler, B.C. – what a magical and peaceful place!}

Miss Renaissance Flowers

{Amazing Ranunculus I picked up at a local flower shop…they’re always irresistible to me.}

Miss Renaissance Plums

{Some deliciously Roasted Plums from one of the photo shoots in Whistler…I’m working on all of my shots from the trip, stay tuned for next week’s post!}

Miss Renaissance

{Two new rolls of colorful & metallic Washi Tape. I’m addicted…this stuff just makes me happy! I get my tape fix HERE on Etsy.}

Miss Renaissance

{A new pair of pink heels with exaggerated bows I score on SUPER sale at BHLDN. These are definitely going to fashion Week with me ;-}

I love Instagram…it’s such a fun way to snap, share, and admire little tid-bits of people’s lives. If we aren’t yet, we should follow each other, I always love making new friends – I’m missrenaissance, look me up. I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Weekend! I’ll be running around town getting some last minute errands done & packing for my trip to NYC next week.


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