Color Inspiration {Market Fresh}

Miss Renaissance

{On two middle fingers & thumb – Essie Play Date. On index fingers & pinkies – Essie Mauve-ing Along. Glitter coat on index finger – Essie A Cut Above.}

I recently got the most beautiful little basket of fresh figs at the local market. They were perfectly ripe…sweet, juicy and so delicious I ate them all on their own – nothing added whatsoever. I now wish I’d taken a picture of them, but the above image (via Pinterest) will have to do. This week’s color inspiration is an ode to those beautiful figs (yes, I’m so obsessed with food, it even inspires my manicures!)


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  1. Cindy TellierI actually rellay like this mascara. I like the lengthing that it gives without the clumping. And you do have to let it dry between coats. I have use the regular and the waterproof and I like them both. Its all a personal preference thing.

  2. I say this a lot, but: I *NEED* this nail polish color … like, I think I’m going today to get it LOL! Its gorguoes!!!I love the “becoming mrs roberts” page such a cute idea!!! :)I’m sorry about the loss of your boss! 😦 Sending lots of virtual hugs your way!!!

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