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Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance Roasted Tomatoes

Miss Renaissance Roasted Tomatoes

I’m fresh off the plane from my amazing Photography Workshop with Aran Goyoaga in Whistler, B.C., and couldn’t wait to give you a little sneak of the wonderful things I saw, shot & ate! Over the weekend, we visited the Whistler Farmers Market. The fresh produce was stunning….especially all the different tomato varietals (yay for tomato season!) So here are a few shots of the tomatoes fresh off the farm, as well as simply roasted and ready to serve. All you need for this “recipe” is the most beautiful and fresh tomatoes you can find, drizzle them with a bit of olive oil, add some salt, pepper, and your favorite herbs (thyme and rosemary are my faves) and put them in the oven at 350-375F for about half an hour. Voila! Sweet, juicy deliciousness!!


{All Photos by Miss Renaissance on location in Whistler.}

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