Design Spotlight {Embroidery Art}

Miss Renaissance Design Spolight

Today’s Design Spotlight shines brightly on Singapore-based artist Izziyana Suhaimi. She has come up with an interesting and super unique take on embroidery art!  She embellishes her moody illustrations with colorful stitches, creating a threaded splash of color and dimension. Izziyana first stumbled upon this hybrid technique while doing a school project on medical illustrations. After a bit of experimentation and a lot of fu with embroidery, she soon began incorporating the craft into the majority of her work. In a recent interview, the artist explained “I don’t think modern art should be a certain way. The beauty of art is in its variety and diversity. In everything and not just art, boundaries are getting blurred and limitations are being pushed.” I can’t agree more. The blurring between traditional Illustration and modern Pop Culture is absolutely evident in her pieces. I’m officially crushing, and I hope to get my hands on one of Izziyana’s pieces one day!


{Images via Google Image Search & Izziyana’s Tumblr.}

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