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Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

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Miss Renaissance West Loop

{Dress – Alexander Wang, Shoes – Givenchy, Bag – Proenza Schouler, Sunglasses – Ray Ban, Bracelets – J.Crew (old), Anthropologie, Cartier.}

While driving through Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood one day, I noticed this interesting design on a building’s wall. I immediately thought it would be a great place for a photoshoot featuring a simple and graphic outfit. So the other week, my friend Alison and I headed over there and had a little fun in the sun snapping pictures.

This Alexander Wang shirtdress is an easy and versatile piece for Summer. It’s breezy and flowy to keep me cool, and it can be easily dressed up and down. I’m even considering wearing it over slim black pants once Fall/Winter comes along. What do you think?


{All Photos by Alison of Brown Eyed Style.}

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