It’s that Time….

Miss renaissance

Lovelies, please please excuse my momentary absence! The time has come – Strawberry Season in the Midwest (squeal!)!! It’s a fickle and short-lived thing, only a good week or two of prime Strawberry picking lie ahead. This means I MUST head out to the country asap and get my fill. Strawberry-laden/inspired/filled/topped baked goods and desserts are coming up people, and I couldn’t be more excited!!! Do you have a favorite Strawberry Dessert??


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  1. Anything with strawberries is amazing but we do sour cream, sugar, strawberries, and fresh mangoes. Mix it all together. And eat it. It’s better cold, but it’s ALWAYS delicious! πŸ™‚

    • Well, my opinion pbboarly won’t be very popular (!), but I sympathize with the farmers. If they can’t get a price that is high enough to pay for the cost of harvesting and transporting their crop, it should be their choice what to do with it. I do applaud the one farm that allowed local residents and food banks to come and pick the berries, rather than waste them.

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