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Miss Renaissance Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Miss Renaissance Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nom Nom Nommmmm… want cookies!!!! Especially if said cookies are of the PERFECT chocolate chip variety. I came across this recipe while browsing through one of my favorite blogs – Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily (the fab lady behind C&C) claimed that these cookies (which she, in turn, discovered on yet another blog!) were the absolute best she’d ever had. True to my inquisitive nature, I was skeptical. What made these cookies any better than your regular old homemade choco chip variety??! Apparently, this cookie dough has to rest in the fridge for 36 hours to attain maximum flavor. Now, this, was interesting. Normally, chocolate chip cookies are a quick and instant satisfaction type of baked good. Letting cookie dough rest in the fridge for more than a day seemed like a true challenge of patience! I HAD to try it for myself.

Well, I’m shocked and happy to report that these cookies are worth it. They really are THAT good. Make them NOW! They are the perfect combo of chewy, crunchy, sweet, caramelly (is that even a word?!) and salty goodness. Nom! Click here for the recipe.

P.S.: This batch is rather large, so you could freeze some of the scooped cookie dough and bake off a few suckers whenever you feel like it – perfectly warm cookies on demand!

P.P.S.: The sprinkled salt on top of the cookies is crucial! It adds such a nice salty balance!


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  1. I like the idea of the salt sprinkle to bring out the sweetness. Will definately be trying this recipe soon. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I also saw these on cupcakes and cashmere and I was equally as skeptical that they could be that much better… I think I might have to road test these for myself!

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