Snack Attack {Dream Combo}

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance Banana Nutella Poundcake

Miss Renaissance Banana Nutella Poundcake Recipe

By now, most of you have proooobably figured out that I have a pretty worrisome serious love affair with Nutella. I just can’t get enough of the stuff. Add some bananas to the mix and the dream combo comes alive!!! So, a few days ago – when I found myself with a few extra ripe bananas in my kitchen – I immediately jumped at the opportunity to bake something involving said dream combo! And voila – these scrumptious mini poundcakes were born. They’re decadent yet light, and just sweet enough with that deep banana and chocolate flavor in every bite. They also happen to make fantastic individual dessert “favors” for any kind of party/shower/potluck you may want to throw or attend. I usually like to keep a few to myself and have a slice (or two) for breakfast with my coffee. Mmmmmm….


{All Photos by Miss Renaissance.}

6 responses

  1. Nutella is fantastic. I’ll never forget my first experience of Nutella Crepes in Paris outside of Notre Dame Cathedral from a street vendor. One of my favourite food memories πŸ™‚

  2. Being a fan of the dream combo myself, I just had to try this – “mmmmmm” doesn’t do it justice… it’s absolutely great. Eva, thanks a lot for sharing!

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