Friday Instagram {Rewind}

Miss Renaissance Peonies and Candle{A beautiful bunch of local Peonies & my favorite new scented candle: “Peyote Poem” by Scandinavian company Byredo.}

Miss Renaissance Hermes Bracelet{Running some errands wearing a vintage silk polka dot blouse & my new Hermes Enamel Bangle.}

Miss Renaissance 2 Sparrows Chicago

{Snacking on delicious house-made Nutella-Raspberry Pop Tarts at 2Sparrows.}

Miss Renaissance Chocolate Covered Potato Chips{My newest vice: Trader Joes’ Chocolate Covered Potato Chips – a devilishly genius idea!!}

Miss Renaissance RPM Italian Chicago{A long overdue visit to RPM Italian – a beautiful addition to Chicago’s dining scene.}

Happy Friday, Lovelies! The weekend is here, yay!! I hope you have a wonderful few days ahead of you. I’ll be spending time with Mom in town (don’t forget, Mother’s Day is this Sunday.)

I’ll leave you with a few Instagram images of my week….


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