A {Fresh} Coat

Miss Renaissance Colored Door Inspiration

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

Miss Renaissance

{All images via Pinterest.}

I need your help, people! I have a little color dilemma going on. I’m contemplating painting the interior side of my front door. It’s currently a large, slightly ornate, solid wooden beauty stained a deep, dark chocolate brown. And while I do appreciate the deep natural tone, I think it’s time to brighten things up a bit and inject some color. Above are a few inspirational pictures I’ve collected…they’re all charming, whimsical and fun in their own way. Which is your favorite?? I think I may be leaning toward a mix of #1 and #2…maybe in a combo of light coral and grey….hmmm…..


8 responses

  1. All great and fun colors! I would say it depends on the colors you have inside your home, near your front door. Matching a pop of color you already have will help tie it all together! Happy painting! 🙂

  2. I’m loving the coral and the bright pink. Agree with Christine, really all depends what else is happening, colorwise, on the inside. I’m always a sucker for a great turquoise pop of color…!

  3. I also agree with Christine and FlyingWildGeese about the interior of the house near the soon-to-be-painted door. Although I prefer a solid, one color door – pale lime green (if that makes sense), a pale yellow, a bright, dark purple, a bright coral, or a light/pale coral; I do think that coral and grey would look fabulous together. Maybe even with a pop of pale lime green.

  4. I’m loving these colors for the doors!! It obviously depends on the tones you have in your home as Christine and FlyingWildGeese were saying before, but if it were my room and I wanted to brighten things up a little, I would definitely go with the coral or the pink, they are such luminous colors that would make your room brighter and I think it would give a more personal and stylish look to your room too.
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