Brunching at {Jam}

Brunch, French Toast, Al Fresco Dining….ahh…all of these keywords spark an immediate, unhealthy level of  craving/excitement inside of me! Chicago loooves its Brunch, and so do I! There are plenty of amazing spots to chose from, but Jam has always been one of my favorites. They recently moved locations, from a rather dark and small-ish space in Wicker Park to a bright and open location in the heart of Logan Square. I love the new location (especially because of its fun outdoor seating option), and I am having a continuous love affair with their insanely delicious Malted Custard French Toast. They soak their French Toast in a “secret” malting liquid over night (or so I hear…), rendering it unbelievable tender & moist on the inside, while somehow still maintaining a crusty and caramelized bite to it on the outside. The freshly whipped cream pairs perfectly, and the lime zest & pink peppercorns add a fantastic fresh element to the entire dish. Made your mouth water?! Well, I suggest you make your way over to Jam asap then!!


P.S.: I hear Jam’s dinner is delish as well…must go soon!

{All Photos by Miss Renaissance.}

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