Flowers & Puppies {N’ Such}

Miss RenaissanceMiss Renaissance Floral Palazzo pants{Floral Palazzo Pants – Alice + Olivia, Tank – Old Navy (old), Shoes – Rochas, Bag – Celine, Leather Cuff – Hermes, Metal Spike Cuff – Pamela Love, Vintage Necklace – Luxury Garage Sale, Sunglasses – Barton Perreira, Initial Script Ring – HSN.}

Florals, Puppies, Spring weather in the park….how much better can it get?! I am in love with these Alice + Olivia Palazzo Pants I recently picked up in New York. They are super comfortable (proven by my semi-successful attempts at gracefully jumping around in them), the print is beautiful and on-trend, and they won’t wrinkle when I throw them in a suitcase for travel. That’s always a giant bonus in my book! Also, how about that super rad vintage necklace?!! The lovely ladies from Luxury Garage Sale had it on display at my recent launch event and I just couldn’t resist….this baby will elevate pretty much any outfit to a new level. Oh, and before I go, let me formally introduce you to my doggy – Fritz is his name, and being a cute little rascal is his game. I can’t believe this is the first time he’s officially made it onto the blog!!


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  1. The San Francisco group was a blast. The highlight was when we all dsirobed in front of our meeting place outside the Dalva bar a few blocks from the Mission BART station. We flooded the sidewalk just as a blind guy was coming through. Took less than a second to make room and he was highly amused when another agent explained what was going on. (I have some of his reaction on video.)We proudly marched down 16th street, cheered a fire engine, and caused quite a ruckus once we were in the station. Slight buzzkill when the cops came through carrying some maybe-homeless, definitely-did something-bad, and bleeding from the head guy up the stairs as we headed to the platforms.Got off at Embarcadero and got on a MUNI line towards Ocean View (The J?) in two groups, me being in the second. Extremely cramped with mostly pantsless folks and there was a near incident when a group of thugs came in and started giving us attitude about being in the freezing cold (mid 60s at least) and taking pictures. One of them may have been trying to touch the butt of somebody in the middle of the train and I think most of us were happy to finally get off in the Castro at Harvey Milk Plaza.We walked right into the middle of a Palestine-Israel protest, with a huge crowd with drums and signs and Palestinian flags on our side, and a small group of counter protesters in front of the bar we wanted to end up at. Some hit the bar, some made the well-dressed Israel side look silly, and the rest of us dispersed, not all pantsed.

  2. Love your blog and your photos. Have a good week off. I have your blog in my foavrites. I am always making different breakfasts for my 2 little boys. Everyday is fun. I’m a sahm and am thankful for the time I have to do that while they are still not in school. I don’t feel like I have to rush breakfast and take my time instead. 🙂

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