An {Ode) to Ziggy

Miss Renaissance

Lady Gaga? Madonna?? Icons of musical creativity and reinvention? Yes…but before them came the greatest musical master of disguise and theater – Mr. David Bowie! I’ve always loved his music, but his iconic 1970’s transformation into his futuristic “Ziggy Stardust” character has always been my favorite. The songs, his strange live performances, and most of all his amazing costumery fascinate me. Part androgynous human, part alien, dressed in amazingly dramatic Rock N’ Roll costumes, Ziggy was Bowie’s savior of the doomed world.

While catching up on some back issues of German Vogue (my Mom gets them sent directly from Germany every month and saves them for me to read), I stumbled across this amazing editorial of couture style icon Daphne Guiness transformed & perfectly portraying Ziggy Stardust. Photographer Bryan Adams (yes, THE Bryan Adams – Rock Crooner, now turned Photographer!) perfectly captured Daphne’s dramatic & compelling personality while still having us blindly believe that we are, indeed, looking at Ziggy in all his glory. I love this spread – great job Vogue! It gets my creative juices flowing and makes me want to throw on some glitter & leather and listen to Bowie!

Have a great week, my Lovelies!


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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I LOVE David Bowie…and this blog entry. My dog is named Ziggy because I am that obsessed with the genius that is Bowie. Love love love!

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