Weekly Color Inspiration {Spring Pastels}

{On all fingers, except index fingers – Essie Bangle Jangle. On index fingers – Essie Splash of Grenadine.}

With Spring-ish weather in full swing (both NYC and Chicago will hover around the 60’s today!) and Easter fast approaching, I’m feeling & seeing pastel colors! If I were a pretty hand-painted Easter Egg, I’d like to be painted in a combo of these two colors, please.

Today is my last morning/afternoon in NYC….I’m off on a plane to California later today. I’m heading to the sunny San Diego area for a meditation retreat. 5 days of pure relaxation, silent contemplation, and soaking in the California sun await! I’m very excited to unplug for a little while…which means I’m also planning to unplug from blogging for a few days. Aw, don’t cry – I’ll be back (refreshed and ready to rock) on Monday, my Lovelies. Try not to miss me too much and have a fantastic weekend!


12 responses

  1. So jealous! A meditation retreat sounds like a glorious way to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You’ll have to blog about it, of course. These nail colors look fantastic!

  2. I very randomly found your blog while searching for Essie’s Olè Caliente and clicked on your photo as it was farrrr better than the typical nail polish review photo! So glad I did, as your blog is LOVELY – definitely following! Adorable outfits, serious nail inspiration, and I even spotted Florence & The Machine and Metric a few posts back… love it!

  3. I live in Northern California, about an hour and a half North of Sacramento. Right now there is a storm coming, very exciting. The wind is blowing my irises like little purple flags, the scent is incredible.

    You would look fantastic in that color of purple, and nails too!

  4. Love this look! Gives me an idea when I go get my pedicure! Thanks, and hope your San Diego trip was lovely. It’s probably my favorite place on earth – right at Glider’s Port @ Torrey Pines!

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