New Skills {c/o NYC}

Happy Monday, Lovelies!

This past weekend’s Blogshop here in NYC was Incredibly enlightening!! I got to meet a great group of fellow creatives/bloggers/entrepreneurs and of course two amazing teachers – Bri & Angela. I learned so many new techniques and tricks, along with many, many new ways to maximize my creative thoughts and make my blogging more fun and effective. Currently, my brain is completely over-stuffed with new information!! I’m here in NYC for a few more days to browse around the city, take in some sights, do some shopping and of course, eat my way through some awesome restos! Below are a few snippets from the weekend.  xo

{We did some fun portrait-taking during Blogshop (thanks to Angela’s awesome photography skills.) Oh, and yes, I did get my hair-tips dyed pink last week…finding perfectly matching tights at American Apparel was pure luck!}

{A peek into some of the stylish Blogshop chicas…where’s Waldo!?}

{Learning & practicing tricks with shapes, layering, and textures…}

{Emptying out the super rad Swag Bag everybody received on Day1 of Blogshop!}

{Having a deliciously comforting bowl of Ramen at one of my favorite New York Spots.}

{Creating animated GIF images is fast becoming one of my favorite things! Click on this image to see me “in action”. In other news, this weekend I discovered that I can levitate!! Who knew…!}

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  1. I love Bri Emery – she’s awesome. Definitely an inspiration.I hope she brings her blogshop to Chicago one day. Since taking my Foundations of Digital Design, I’ve definitely learned the power of Photoshop and Illustrator – looking forward to seeing what you’ve learned!

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