{Blogshop} NYC Here I Come!!

Happy Friday, Lovelies!! What are your plans for the weekend??

Me? Oh, how nice of you to ask….actually, I’ve got a super fun weekend ahead of me. I’m leaving on a Jetplane later today. I’ll be off to New York for Blogshop. For those of you who haven’t heard of Blogshop…it’s a super fun & intense Blogging Bootcamp. A small group of overly excited Bloggers – yours truly included – will spend the weekend in a cool NYC studio learning how to utilize Photoshop and Photography to enhance the look of our blogs and make them more fresh & fun! I’ve been admiring the work of Bri & Angela (the ladies behind Blogshop) for quite a while now, and I can’t wait to meet them and pick their creative brains! I’ll keep you updated on what I’m learning as I go.

Below is a little video of what a weekend in “Blogshop-Mode” looks like. If you find yourself curious & inspired, check out Blogshop’s website for the current schedule…the ladies host shops in many different cities throughout the year!

BLOGSHOP – Seattle from GMP on Vimeo.

{Pictures via http://www.blogshopla.wordpress.com}


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